Sun Kind of Living™ is all about Florida. From beautiful beaches, glorious nature, leisure and action sports, to dining, every day is different whether you decide to live in or just visit the sunshine state.

Sun Kind of Living offers an insider type look into Florida. Here you will find what you need to explore:

  • Over 550 Florida beaches by county with integrated google map navigation to each beach!
  • Florida communities and a fun lifestyle survey to find your ideal sun kind of life!
  • Florida dining for great food, views, and atmospheres!
  • A map and list of events to explore across the state with integrated google map navigation to each event!
  • The outdoors away from city lights and traffic noise!

Be sure to come back and visit us again as we continue to share what we learn that makes Florida such a wonderful place to live and visit.

Sun Kind of Living™ is about enabling a lifestyle where you can engage in the warm-weather activities you love.