Caring for a loved one living in Palm Beach County?

Sun Kind of Living® connects you and your adult children with the many incredible businesses and nonprofits dedicated to providing support and self-care resources for seniors in Palm Beach County.

Locating and learning about unexpected resources you may suddenly need for your own or loved ones’ specific situation can feel overwhelming and time consuming. This is especially true if you live out of the county or state.

Sun Kind of Living is your trusted central hub to connect you with reliable, caring and ethical resources to empower you with the knowledge and ability to not just live longer, but live healthy longer.

Your quality of life matters!

Sun Kind of Living™ is about enabling a lifestyle where you can engage in the warm-weather activities you love.

Caroline Arndt, Founder of Sun Kind of Living, is a proud committee member of the Wisdom Warrior Challenge!

The Wisdom Warrior Challenge (WWC) is a FREE annual event that will be held at various communities throughout Palm Beach County throughout March and April. Participants range in ages 50-100+ years old. Learn more about the Wisdom Warrior Challenge.

Do you own a business in Palm Beach County that offers amazing products and services to promote our community? Learn more about Sponsoring the Wisdom Warrior Challenge.


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