The second you step foot in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches, the area envelopes you. And the reception continues each step you take along the cinnamon colored sand and pet-friendly beaches. We are more than just another great place to visit. We’re different. We have been able to maintain a tranquil spirit by keeping things simple, undisturbed and focused on what is important- our beaches and the natural surroundings.

Beach Tips

  • Check for flags and posted signs that will alert you of the current water conditions and look for lifeguard stands. Swim in the area in front of them when possible.
  • Dogs are permitted on the beach north of N 10th St. and south of S 10th St. Remember to have them on a leash and to clean up after them.
  • Remember to take everything you brought to the beach, off the beach when leaving for the day.
  • If you get caught in a rip-current, swim parallel to the shore.
  • Bonfires are permitted in Flagler Beach from November 1st through April 30th with a required permit. There is not a fee for the permit.  However, if the permit holder leaves behind a mess or does not properly extinguish the fire, they will be invoiced for the clean-up.

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